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We got you covered with all the technical complications!

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Core Features

Take a look at these key features!

You can always ask us for custom features

Notification Alert

Never miss any important updates with the eventual notifications sent to your phone

Low bandwidth

We've designed our systems so it can work on even the lowest bandwidth connections


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Mobile App

TMate comes with a mobile app ready to be installed which enables instant access to the system

About TMate

Let us give the participants freedom to speak

Even though there are so many conferencing/live broadcast platforms, No of them would be a perfect fit for live conventions.

We've exclusively designed this platform to manage multiple kinds of participants, and the moderators would be controlling the whole session

  • Multiple Types of participants
  • No more asking to mute
  • Voice messaging system
Product Demo

Feel the experience

Just give us a call and we'll be more than happy to demonstrate the whole concepts to you!

We'll not only demonstrate, but we take it as our responsibilty to get you ready with all the features and concepts before you conduct the event!

Why choose TMate

It's designed for everyone

TMate is completely designed to be used by everyone. We've considered the audience as the whole population and made it so simple to be used by even a child, or a an elder.

One click instant payments for sessions & downloadable material
Self managable settings your event & live discussions for moderators
Dedicated highly trained support for all your technical queries and assistance

Frequently asked questions

Have questions? Check if other people also has the same question as you.. If not eel free to ask us directly

Just contact us on our phone, or send us an email to know more about TMate and get a quote depending on your needs
All you need is a good device (Your smartphone is okay) with a stable internet connection; And obviously a plan of what you're planning to convey to others. Our dedicated technical team is well trained to handle any technical anyone may experience instantly.
The pricing depends on various factor like how you plan to conduct the event, number of participants, and the length of subscription
All our connections are secured using 265bit SSL certificates which makes it impossible for an intruder to read. Additionally, We guarantee that your data is never sold to any third parties. (Contact us to know more about data privacy)

Contact Us

Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any queries or to request a free demonstration.



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